About Comfy

Comfy is software that enables a better relationship between people and their workspaces.

Comfy provides instant streams of warm or cool air to people while also using machine learning in the background to reduce energy use.

It can be installed quickly, connecting to an existing building's hardware and software, providing users with a simple web and mobile interface.

How It Works
  • Comfy plugs into the building using existing digital controls (the Building Management System).
  • Users pinpoint their current location.
  • Users can click 'Warm my Space' or 'Cool my Space', whenever the HVAC system is on.
  • Within seconds, cool or warm is streamed into a user's workspace, conference room, or other areas.
  • Over time, Comfy learns your preferences and optimizes HVAC efficiency.
Why Comfy?

Making people happy at work.

Temperature at work can be a big issue – in fact, the #1 and #2 complaints about offices are 'It's too hot' and 'It's too cold.' Comfy satisfies people and makes them happier with their workplace.

Energy savings.

Comfy eliminates unnecessary conditioning of empty spaces, and reduces conditioning when no one is in the office.

Streamlining operations.

Facilities management needs software that helps resolve the neverending balance between energy management and occupant comfort. Comfy reduces the burden of hot and cold calls, while providing a way for facilities teams to manage temperature requests in an efficient and centralized way.

Comfy is easy to install.

Comfy installs quickly, unlike a lot of energy-saving technologies.

It's a simple ethernet connection to the Building Management System (BMS).

Comfy can 'talk' to any BMS that speaks BACnet (which almost every system does).

Comfy helps resolve differences.

Everyone has seen the 'temperature wars' with office thermostats.

You can't tell who adjusted it last, when or why they did it.

Lots of offices have 'dummy' thermostats that have been disabled because people don't use them effectively.

Comfy makes office comfort a transparent, fair process.

Comfy is flexible.

Comfy is designed to be low-profile for facility managers.

You can still use your existing controls system without needing to worry about Comfy. It's easy to adjust Comfy settings.

No need to call out a technician, Comfy is designed to be very simple to use.

We're happy to talk with you more about the technical details. Just click below to get in touch.

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